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Why use Quality Parts?

Everyone likes to feel that they have taken advantage of a bargain. With so many offers around such as set price servicing, it's really easy to get carried away by cheap prices without considering the quality of the service or parts we receive. At Dukes AutoTech, we are committed to providing a quality service and quality parts at competitive prices.

So why is it so important to use quality parts? I hear you say. Well for a number of reasons but the first is economy. If a part is of greater quality than its cheaper counterpart, we rarely associate it with economy. However buying a cheaper air filter than an OE quality one for example, can have a serious knock on effect. If the air filter degrades quicker than the recommended Servicing intervals then this can effect your car's performance and fuel economy.

Similarly using the incorrect grade oil in diesel vehicles can degrade and ultimately condemn diesel particulate filters. 

At Dukes AutoTech, we tailor everything we do to meet the specific requirements of your vehicle. We don't offer set price servicing, but we do offer quality servicing using quality parts which is carried out by a fully qualified and insured Light Vehicle Technician.

We use OE quality parts unless specifically requested by our customers and source our parts from a range of different suppliers to ensure the best possible prices, whilst not compromising on quality.

Below is an example of how the quality of a fuel filter can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer:

Fuel Filter Comparison. Dukes AutoTech, Mobile Mechanic, Mobile Mechanic St Austell, Mobile Mechanic Newquay, Garage St Austell, Garage Newquay, Car Garage St Austell, MOT

Which one would you prefer to be fitted to your vehicle? If you are offered a cheap service, which filter is most likely to be fitted to your vehicle? Below is a very informative video from MANN HUMMEL and the Infamous Frank Massey on O.E. Quality filtration and sub standard products:

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MANN FILTER Engine Oil Filters- What You Should Know!
Investigating into the technical superiority of genuine filtration products. Presented by Frank Massey

The Quality Manufacturers and Suppliers are Fighting Back! There has been a real push recently to educate the public and Automotive Trade about the dangers of these sub-standard products and how to spot fakes. For our customer's information, below are two guides on counterfeit bearings and belts from Quality Suppliers and Manufacturers:

At Dukes AutoTech, you can be certain that you will not only receive a quality service, but also quality parts for your vehicle. We also offer many Sales and Discounts throughout the year to ensure our prices remain competitive. Please take a look at our Offers page by clicking the tab to the left, or why not "like" us on Facebook to stay up to date and gain access to exclusive discounts for our fans?