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Dodgy Electrics

We are in Penwithick today attempting to get to the bottom of an issue with a Vauxhall Astra. The family bought it with issues but thought it would be a simple fix.
Unfortunately it wasn't and they called out another Mobile Mechanic to see what he could do to fix it. 

Unfortunately he wasn't trained in diagnostics or auto electrics and from what we can see has made a bit of a hash up. We are trying to undo all of the dodgy wiring, wrong replacement parts and generall mess and destruction.

Mass Airflow Meter

Today we are in not so Summery Summercourt. The weather has not been kind but it seems to be easing off now.

We are diagnosing a Mercedes A Class starting and running problem. At the moment all fingers are pointing at a faulty Mass Airflow Meter. These are integral to the vehicle's ECU so not as simple as other vehicles to fix. Dealerships have quoted anything from£1000+ to replace them.

Fortunately, we come across this issue from time to time and have a local connection who repairs ECUs and most interestingly the integral Mass Airflow meter on this make and model.

Renault Clio, Jaguar XJS + Vauxhall Vectra

Well today we quickly nipped over to Bugle first thing in the morning to collect a faulty ECU that we had previously diagnosed. We are hoping to send this to a specialist ECU reconditioner and repairer- fingers crossed that this will solve the problem. All being well, this will save our customer approx £800-£1000 so it's definitely worth the time and effort.

We are now at St Austell Motor Co working on a Jaguar XJS. This unfortunately failed on it's MOT on a number of things. The customer has a few vehicles so is not in a rush to have it fixed.

Starting Issues

We have been getting a lot of calls regarding starting issues recently. As the colder weather draws near these problems are likely to become more frequent.
There is nothing worse than dashing out to the car on a cold, frosty morning when you are running late for work only to find that it won't start.
Sometimes this is an unavoidable part of being a car owner, however more often than not these situations can be avoided with regular servicing and maintenance checks.
We are currently offering Winter health checks to help keep your car up and running throughout this time of year.

Antifreeze and your pets

As the colder weather draws near, we start to think about servicing our vehicles ahead of the frost and ice. One of the things as motorists we must ensure we do is to top up our antifreeze. However many of us are not aware that antifreeze can be extremely harmful to our pets. The following information is taken from the RSPCA website: (http://www.rspca.org.uk/allaboutanimals/pets/cats/health/poisoning/antifreeze)
Antifreeze poisoning  

Most people are unaware of the hidden dangers to pets from antifreeze poisoning.