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Naughty BMW
New Van!
Busy, busy busy!
Citroen Picasso Clutch


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Naughty BMW

This afternoon we have been diagnosing a very badly behaved BMW that doesn't want to start. It has multiple issues and is still a work in progress so watch this space for further developments.

We also have a replacement cylinder hear on a Ford Focus that is ongoing and will be replacing the one way pulley on a Mercedes Vito later on.

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So Far today we have replaced an air compressor on a Land Rover Discover 3 and fixed an EML on an Iveco. We are currently replacing a cma belt on a Ford Puma

New Van!

We have purchased a new "backup" van. It's a little Renault Kangoo. This will allow us to still be able to make our appointments should the unforseen happen to our main vehicle, or it is out of action for routine maintenance.
We will post some pictures for you all to see shortly!

Busy, busy busy!

Well, we have had a very busy week since we came back from holiday!

On Wednesday 28th May, we:
- Fixed an indicator issue on a Ford Focus in Luxulyan
- Diagnosed and fixed a Peugeot 407 that had flooded after not being used over the bank holiday
- Diagnosed and fixed a non-start on an Alpha 156

On Thursday 29th May we:
- Checked the Peugeot from the previous day started when cold.
- Assessed a poor cold starting condition on a Vauxhall Combo for Kevin Orchard Garage and re-booked to fix.

- Diagnosed a terrible rattle and adjusted timing on a Mazda MX5 in St Austell

Citroen Picasso Clutch

We have had a busy couple of days! Yesterday we diagnosed and fixed a Renault Laguna with disco lights on the dash and a loss of power. As well as returning to the Vauxhall Astra that we fixed on Tuesday- Unfortunately running dodgy fuel had clogged the injectors up which didn't allow it to start again. All fixed (for now). Today we are in Tresillian replacing a clutch on a Citroen Picasso. We have erected our new "mobile garage" (basically a glorified shelter, but it does the job) which is keeping us nice and dry despite the miserable weather we are having!

Busy, busy couple of days

We are in Penwithick today fitting a new fuel pump to a Vauxhall Astra that we diagnosed as faulty last week. Fortunately we are inside today as it looks like the heavens could open any minute.

We were in Trelowth yesterday assisting a gentleman who had started to bleed his clutch but unfortunately was unable to complete it.
Although we were successful in bleeding the system, unfortunately the vehicle does require a replacement clutch. I will be doing up a quote for him today.

Dodgy Electrics

We are in Penwithick today attempting to get to the bottom of an issue with a Vauxhall Astra. The family bought it with issues but thought it would be a simple fix.
Unfortunately it wasn't and they called out another Mobile Mechanic to see what he could do to fix it. 

Unfortunately he wasn't trained in diagnostics or auto electrics and from what we can see has made a bit of a hash up. We are trying to undo all of the dodgy wiring, wrong replacement parts and generall mess and destruction.

Mass Airflow Meter

Today we are in not so Summery Summercourt. The weather has not been kind but it seems to be easing off now.

We are diagnosing a Mercedes A Class starting and running problem. At the moment all fingers are pointing at a faulty Mass Airflow Meter. These are integral to the vehicle's ECU so not as simple as other vehicles to fix. Dealerships have quoted anything from£1000+ to replace them.

Fortunately, we come across this issue from time to time and have a local connection who repairs ECUs and most interestingly the integral Mass Airflow meter on this make and model.

Knocking Noises

We are in Sunny St Austell today investigating a "knocking" noise and ABS light on a Peugeot 206.

The ABS issue was easily diagnosed as corroded connectors under the passenger seat. These were quickly rectified with a bit of cleaning and clearing the stored trouble codes.

The culprit of the "knocking" noise was a faulty top strut mount on the near side of the vehicle. A quick phone 'round our suppliers came up with the faulty part at a very reasonable price. We are currently fitting it for the Gentleman now.


We are back at St Austell Motor Co today and I am pleased to say that at long last the Jaguar XJS is now completed. All MOT failures have been fixed and it has passed its retest. The last task to complete was to replace a road spring which on a more modern vehicle wouldn't be a problem. However due to the vehicle's age there was a lot of corrosion (see last blog post) which delayed things considerably.
However we triumphed in the end.
We are now continuing with the Vauxhall Vectra. This requires new brake pipes front to rear which sounds worse than it actually is.